Young Adult Ministry at The Heights Church

The mission of Heights Church Young Adult ministry is to provide an outlet to plug into the Gospel and stay connected to a community of other like-minded young adults. This ministry is geared towards Young Adults
ranging from 19-29 years of age, whether married,single, with children or without, it’s all about discipling Young adults and helping them pursue a meaningful, long lasting, powerful relationship with Jesus Christ,
all of this being done through, Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, and evangelism. 


We want to build a community of Young Adults who have transformed lives.
This transformation comes from an intimate relationship with, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.   



Ultimately we want to empower our Young adults to become the next leader, in our communities, by empowering them through the characteristics displayed by Jesus Himself.

Young Adult Small Groups

Sermon Series Study

LEADERS: Michael & Andrea Coble

WHO: Ages 19 – 29

WHEN: Sunday Nights @ 6pm

WHERE: The Coble’s House

WHAT: We will discusses the sermon that was preached that morning and then will do some type of sporting activity such as: ultimate frisbee, flag football, or just fellowship.

Young Girls Mentorship

LEADERS: Hillary Cherry, Melissa Gyde, Makayla Hughes

WHO: Girls Ages 15 – 20

WHEN: Once a Month

WHERE: Email a leader for Location

WHAT: Young women mentor-ship.

Young Adults

LEADERS: Hillary Cherry

WHO:  Ages 19 – 29

WHEN: Wednesdays @ 7:00pm

WHERE: The Heights Church, Dream Team Lounge

WHAT: We will be studying 7 well known stories of the Bible.

Young Marrieds Bible Study

LEADERS: Preston & Allie Hughes

WHO: Young Marrieds Ages 19 – 29

WHEN: Wednesday Nights @ 7pm

WHERE: Hughes’ House

WHAT: We will be studying 7 well known stories of the Bible.

Young Adults

LEADERS: Gavin & Makayla Hughes, Ronnie & Teresa Chaney

WHO: Young Adults Ages Graduated – 25

WHEN: Wednesday Nights @ 7pm

WHERE: The Heights Church

WHAT: We will be studying 7 well known stories of the Bible.

Young Men's Group

LEADERS: Corey Hilgendorf

WHO: Young Men Ages 19 – 29

WHEN: Every Other Monday Night @ 7pm

WHERE: Planet Fitness

WHAT: Workout, and grab a bite to eat after.